Autonome Provinz Bozen
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
Alto Adige


The Research Centre Laimburg performs basic and applied research aimed at improving knowledge and productive techniques concerning the various sectors of agriculture and forestry of the Province of Bolzano. A recent focus of the research activity consists in the achievement of an economically viable production of high quality crops within the safeguard of both human health and the natural environment. Ecology therefore constitutes an essential aspect of quality and should play a central role in all research and rural production activities.

The Research Centre Laimburg enjoys a special status with own financial administration within the local government of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

The administration of the Research Centre Laimburg is governed by

  • the administrative board
  • the supervisory board

A scientific advisory board comprising specialists of the Research Centre, representatives of the local government and of the farmers' associations formulates each year the research programme, which requires final approval by the administrative board.

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Research Centre for Agriculture and Foresty Laimburg, Pfatten, I-39040 Auer
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