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Nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle

The Puez-Geisler/ Puez-Odle nature park was the last one of South Tyrol´s seven nature parks to get its own visitor center. On 29 December 2009 nature park house Puez-Geisler / Odle-Puez, the visitor center of nature park Puez-Geisler, opened its doors. The center’s cubic, two-story building made of papyrus coloured concrete is located in the center of St. Magdalena in Villnöß / S. Maddalena in Funes.








The mission of nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle is to provide visitors with information about nature and to make their visit to the park both enjoyable and informative. An aerial walkable photograph that visitors can view from above provides an overview of nature park Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle and its various landscape features.
The “Dolomites, hands-on” exhibition area focuses on the geology of the Dolomites, which is the park’s central topic area. The gallery contains representative types of rocks and strata in their characteristic forms. Steroscopes installed in the gallery enable visitors to see what the scenery really looks like. There’s much to discover in“Nature's cabinet of wonders” on the upper level, including birds nests, animal tracks, bird feathers, animal hides, antlers and much more. In the “Conquering the mountains” area, Reinhold Messner, who is probably the world’s most renowned Alpinist (and grew up in Villnöß / Funes), narrates a short film concerning his experiences in the Alps. The Mountain cinema offers a daily and weekly program of selected nature park film productions. And of course the new film on Nature park Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle titled “Nature park film Puez-Geisler” can also be viewed at nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle. This film contains a magnificent series of images that show you the wonders of the nature park Puez-Geisler.


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Opening hours 2016

Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 2:30 to 6, from 29 December 2015 to 2 April 2016, from 3 May to 29 October 2016, and from 27 December 2016 to 1 April 2017.
Nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle is open on Sundays in July and August.

Daksy's creative workshop

Nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle offers special children’s programs on Fridays in July, August and September starting at 3 p.m. These events, which are full of delightful surprises for the younger set, are for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Reservations required.

Entry is free!

Julia Augschöll, responsible for Nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-OdleJulia Augschöll, responsible for Nature park house Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle


Naturparkhaus Puez-Geisler / Centro visite Puez-Odle
St. Magdalena / S. Maddalena, Trebich 1

39040 Villnöß / Funes
Phone: 0472 842523
Fax. 0472 842677


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