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Nature park Trudner Horn / Monte Corno - a visible and a hidden time

Having been founded in 1980 and expanded two decades later, Nature park Trudner Horn / Monte Corno now covers a surface area of 6,851 hectares that are part of the towns of Altrei /Anterivo, Montan / Montagna, Neumarkt / Egna, Salurn / Salorno and Truden / Trodena. The park is located in the south of Bozen / Bolzano, on the orographically left side of the Etsch / Adige river. It is delimited by the end of Fleimstal / Val die Fiemme valley in the north, Cembra valley in the southeast and Etsch / Adige valley from Neumarkt / Egna to the defile of Salurn / Salorno in the west. The species diversity of both fauna and flora in the park is unique compared with other South Tyrolean nature parks by virtue of the fact that the park’s sub-Mediterranean climatic zone is far milder than the harsher climate that prevails in the northeast.

The park is part of the European-wide Natura 2000 sites, which aim to promote habitat, flora and fauna conservation and were established under the EU’s FFH Directive (92/43/EC) and Bird’s Directive (2009/147/EC). Article 6(1) of the FFH Directive requires EU member states to elaborate conservation measures for Natura 2000 sites, to which end the province of South Tyrol commissioned so called management plans.

Nature park Trudner Horn / Monte Corno municipalities:

Map of Nature park Trudner Horn / Monte Corno

The Trudner Horn / Monte Corno Nature park executive board enables municipalities and various interest groups to have a say in how the park is managed and developed. The board also oversees the requisite maintenance work and conservation measures, makes recommendations, and approves the park’s annual work program.

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