Lecture on Monday 11 Oct.: Where Do We Go From Here?

John Solomos: „Where Do We Go From Here? Research and Political Agendas on Race, Racism and Immigration“

In his lecture, John Solomos provides an overview of some key areas of debate and scholarship during the past two decades, highlighting important sites of debate and controversy. In exploring these issues, the lecture seeks to situate these trends within the wider political and social transformations we have seen in this period, emphasizing the linkages between scholarship and politics in this field, key areas of research and the emergence of new challenges to existing research agendas.

The NaDiRa Lecture_Series are a series of lectures on the current state of international racism research within the framework of the Racism Monitor (NaDiRa). The DeZIM Institute is home to the Racism Monitor commissioned by the Federal Government.

All lectures in the series are held in English. They will be livestreamed on DeZIM's Youtube channel and will remain available there.

Monday, 11 October, 7 to 20.30 pm
Livestream via YouTube