Provisions for lighting fires in the forest

Provisions for lighting fires in the forest
Forest fire

General rules

The article 24 of the provincial law 21/1996 as amended ("Forestry law") regulates the lighting of fires in the forest.

It is generally forbidden to light a fire in the forest - and at a safety distance of less than 20 m from the forest.

This prohibition does not apply

  • for people who are in the forest to work there,
  • for fireplaces designated by the forestry authority and
  • for traditional events, if the lighting of fires in the forest is approved (request) by the competent forest inspectorate.

If someone ignites fires in the forest, all necessary measures to prevent forest fires must be observed, such as

  • secure and confine the fireplace,
  • keep the fire as small as possible and
  • Make sure that the fire is completely extinguished when leaving the fireplace.

Anyone who fails to comply with this general rule is subject to an administrative penalty of at least 100 euros. A further administrative penalty of EUR 200 will be imposed if an unlawful fire is not extinguished immediately upon request of the supervisory staff.

Great forest fire danger

In case of great forest fire danger, which informs the population through the internet and the mass media, it is forbidden without exception to light fires in the forest and throw away burning cigarette butts.

If this prohibition is disregarded, the administrative penalties will be doubled or administrative penalties will be imposed for particularly negligent handling of fires in the forest.

Especially negligent handling of fire in the forest

If by unlawfully lighting fire in the forest or at a safe distance of less than 20 meters from the forest

  • a large forest fire danger arises,
  • a forest fire is caused or
  • a great deal of emergency work is necessary,

an administrative penalty of up to 3000 euros is imposed.

Attention: a forest fire can have civil and criminal consequences in addition to administrative penalties for those responsible.