Webinar on "Interculturalism and Anti-Racism in Cities"

The webinar will take place on 26 February, at 3 p.m. CET

In cities across the world, proponents of interculturalism (an approach focused on communication and positive interactions) and anti-racism (an approach more concerned with social and racial discrimination) have been active in the fight for justice and equality. While activists in these two fields clearly have shared goals, the two approaches are sometimes at odds with each in terms of the strategies that should be used to affect change. While it is often argued that the two approaches are complementary, there is also a tendency to subordinate one approach to the other, without asking fundamental questions about which approach is best suited to address a particular set of issues at a particular moment in time.

This webinar, which is aimed at people whose work involves trying to make cities more inclusive places, will address the tensions between interculturalism and anti-racism in an attempt to find ways in which the two can better support each other’s efforts in the global fight for economic equality and social justice.

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The webinar is organized by the ICC programme in collaboration with the Laboratory for Research on Intercultural Relations (LABRRI) at the University of Montreal.